Personalised ‘Name a Star’ Gift

Personalised: With a personal message to add that your loved one can treasure forever! Social media: Plus, you can get your certificate on Instagram to show off to your family, friends and followers. Reviews: With a 4.8 rating out of 5 on, and 96% of reviewers recommending From the Sky Registry. Attribution certificate: Includes a star attribution certificate which features the name of the star, the star’s co-ordinates in the sky and name of the recipient. Name a star: Name a star for someone special with a gift package from From the Sky Registry. Perfect gift: Choose any name you like and give as a unique gift for a loved one – nothing could make a more romantic gift. From the Sky Registry: You’ll be added to the star registry on From the Sky Registry’s website. Personalised ‘name A Star’ Gift | UK | Living Social | Living Social …more

Personalised 'Name a Star' Gift

Personalised ‘Name a Star’ Gift – £8