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Message Muffins

Message Muffins are an ingeniously unique gift that offer an alternative to the traditional chocolate/flowers present while still being convenient and thoughtful.

Even better than that, Message Muffins aren’t restricted to the traditional gift roles of chocolates and flowers – they can be sent for any occasion, to anyone who has a liking for sweets and cakes. They make great Valentines, Easter and Christmas gifts for male or female recipients.

The personalised card accompanying the gift box allows you to make the muffin(s) you send extra special. Plus, as there’s no paper receipt and because the muffins can be delivered directly to your intended, there’s no way they will ever suspect what you’ve bought them!

If you have group gifts to buy (for an office or a whole family of special people), the Corporate and Family selections are definitely worth a look.

With a choice of six scrumptious flavours, there’s bound to be a flavour for even the fussiest of recipients!

Message Muffins Message Muffins

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